Be the Owner of a Red Ferrari: A Lesson in Confidence

Owners of red Ferraris have a certain persona: confident, badass, don't care what anyone thinks. Everyone needs to channel their inner owner of a red Ferrari

What are you thinking of doing? Or wanting to do? Or would love to make happen?  Now why haven't you?

The Lesson: Going After What We Want

Often it's a lack of confidence, or this idea that we first need to go to school, or have so much experience  before we can embark on our own.

What's Holding Us Back?

Terrain Map

A whole world of opportunities.  We're missing out on the ability to create our own future and blaze our own paths to success

What We're Missing Out On

White Bag

We need to believe in ourselves, give ourselves a chance to try, and we need to stop caring what people think!

The Takeaway

In other words, channel your inner owner of a red Ferrari. Dare anyone who challenges you, and watch your life change!, 

Final Thoughts

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