9 Responsible Travel Practices. Be Safe & Mindful When You Go Abroad

Here are nine actionable tips for sustainable, responsible travel,  so that we can continue to see the world 

1 – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

For example, you should try and get a direct route to wherever you need to go because the plane landing and taking off is the part that uses the most fuel.

2 – Combat  Overtourism

You may plan to travel to these areas in the offseason to reduce the traffic during peak times

Terrain Map

3 – Respect The  Local Culture

Look up things such as customs that might offend the locals so that you can avoid them.

White Bag

If you were going to be staying in the middle of a more natural area, you should look up eco-lodges that are more environmentally friendly

4 – Stay In Sustainable Accommodation

5 – Purchase Locally Made Products

Besides the fact that you are supporting locals when you buy their products or try their services, you’re also getting a more authentic experience

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