7 Best Prepaid Cards On The Market

The best prepaid cards are useful because they can help you control your budget, and help you to stop spending money unnecessarily.

What Is A  Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card, or prepaid debit card, is a card issued by a bank or financial institution that you can pre-load funds on to for payment.

American Express Serve FREE Reloads

This card makes for a great checking account replacement because of its wide range of free reload methods across many retailers.

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American Express Serve Cash Back

The second of the American Express cards charges slightly more in fees, but offers 1% cashback rewards in return.

Bluebird  By American Express

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This card does not charge a monthly or annual fee and still offers free reload options and free withdrawals from ATMs.

Movo Prepaid Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

Movo is another low-cost card on the list, making it an excellent option for helping you to get your budget under control.

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