6 Skin Care Tips to Help Your Skin Glow

It's important that we care for our skin, as that's what we present to the world! Your skin reflects your inner health and outside protection. Here are skin care tips to help your skin glow and look it's best!

First things first - HYDRATE

When our skin is dry it looks older and less plump.  Drink enough water to keep your skin looking fresh.  How much should you drink?  0.5oz - 1oz times your body weight in pounds 

Understand Your Skin's Needs

To get your skin to glow you have to give it what it needs! Everyone is different, so see a doctor or visit a qualified aesthetician to help you out.  Buy the products that will be best for your skin.

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Boost your skin's barrier

Our skin is the first defense we have against the elements. What's protecting our skin then? Use products with this ingredient for maximum protection! (click to read about it!)

Watch what you eat

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True health starts from within, including skin health to help your skin glow.

Foods to keep in mind to help your skin glow:

Broccoli Legumes Cucumber Garlic Leafy Greens! They have all the vitamins you need!

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