6 Gmail Hacks to Stop Email Taking Over Your Life

We get so many emails nowadays! It gets tough to sort through and find important ones. Here are 6 Gmail Hacks to help stay organized and never get bogged down.

This set up allows you to create stacked sections instead of the default tabs. You can toggle each section expanded/closed, so you can focus on the emails in just one section at a time.

Use Priority Inbox

Set Up Filters

You set filters based on email addresses, keywords, subject line, size, & attachments. Choose actions like adding labels, archiving, deleting, sending autoresponders, and more

Labels are Gmail’s answer to what most other email clients call folders — they work just like folders for storage, but items can also be labeled while they’re in your inbox.

Gmail Hacks: Create Labels

This is another simple way to automatically sort and respond to incoming mail. You can set this up one of two ways, depending on how you use Gmail

Use Different Email Addresses

 I use it for newsletters by adding “+news” to my email when I subscribe. Set a filter to mark everything coming into that address as Not Important, so it’s filtered to Everything Else in my inbox.

 Task Specific Emails

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