10 Stress-Relieving and Sleep-Improving Techniques

I’ve personally struggled with sleep issues as I’ve gotten older and I’ve found some relaxation techniques that have helped me to relieve stress before bed. 

1 – Gym Time

There’s a lot of people who advocate for this first thing in the morning because it can kick start your day and give you the energy throughout.

2 – Yoga and breathing exercises

If hard exercise is difficult to come by (or you’re anti-gym like I am), then yoga is another great way to focus your thoughts and reduce anxiety.

Terrain Map

3 – Meditation

Hand-in-hand with Yoga is meditation. You don’t need to do pigeon pose to relax (if that’s not your thing). You just need to be in a state of silence and stillness.

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Therapy is a very important tool for mental health. There is a lot of stigma surrounding it, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just talking to someone.

4 – Therapy

5 – Shut off social media and reduce screen time

Much of our stress and anxiety comes from the comparisons we make between our lives and those lives of people we see online.

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