10 Brutal Truths About Marriage People Don’t Want To Discuss

The reality of marriage is often far different from the fantasy ideal of people finding their soulmate and living happily ever after. 

1. Abandonment in Illness: Why Some Husbands Leave

Husbands gave reasons for leaving their wives, citing an unwillingness to care for them, a need for fulfillment that their sick partners couldn’t provide, and a desire to avoid the financial burden of medical expenses.

2. Roommates or Soulmates? The Danger of Complacency

its amazing how easily couples can slip into the trap of behaving like roommates, going through daily life without truly connecting with their partner.

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3. The Unequal Workload: A Hard Truth in Marriage

Typically, it falls on the woman to put in more effort and do more work, which can breed resentment in her over time.

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it’s often the small, seemingly insignificant missteps that can accumulate and cause the greatest damage in the long run.

4. Little Things Matter: Small Missteps, Big Damage

5. Pressure to Procreate: The Constant Questioning

The question often starts on the wedding day and continues to come up in conversations with family and friends. For some couples, the pressure to start a family can be overwhelming, particularly if they’re unprepared or have alternative plans.

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