10 Amazing Careers Women Confessed to Actually Enjoying Everyday

Not all jobs are fun or made equal. Yet, these 10 had people singing its praises. See which 10 jobs career women on Reddit loved the most!

MRI Technologist

The person expressed that they enjoy working with advanced technology to capture stunning images of anatomy and pathology through elegant and fascinating physics.

Costume Maker/ Wardrobe Manager

A costume maker/wardrobe manager for film and theatre shared their love for their work, saying that every project brings new challenges, skills, and colleague

Terrain Map

Clinical Scientist in Genetics

They love spending their day analyzing data from patients’ DNA to help diagnose rare genetic diseases. They find their job incredibly rewarding and fulfilling as they work towards positively impacting people’s lives by providing accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

White Bag

This person enjoys the flexibility and social interaction their job provides. They appreciate being able to stay physically active and find sitting at a desk all day boring.



One of the things they enjoy about their job is that the library doesn’t charge its patrons (except for printing), making it a safe space for many people.

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