Your Solo Travel Guide: Budget, Pack, Prepare & GO!

This guide will help you figure out how to budget for a solo trip and save money, how to pack so that you’re efficient, and will go over some things you must do to be prepared.

Choosing a Budget-Friendly Destination

– Almost anywhere in South – The Caribbean – SE Asia – The Pacific Islands, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia

Things to Consider When Planning Your Solo Trip

- Determine How Much Money You Have to Spend - Look for Travel Deals

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How to Save Money on Your Trip

- Choose Lodging Carefully - Avoid the Single Supplement  - Save on Transportation - Save on Food  - Save on Things to Do

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Packing Checklist for Solo Travel

I highly recommend you create a travel checklist so that you can keep track of everything. Also, try to limit your luggage to a carry on and backpack.

Tips on Safety During Solo Travel

- Stay Away from Known Crime Areas - Check In Regularly with Family and Friends - Keep Valuables with You at All Times

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