Your Guide For Things to do in Cuba

For anyone hesitant to plan a visit to Cuba, don’t be! Traveling to Cuba is still possible, with maybe a few more travel restrictions nowadays, but still completely doable, and safe. 

Cuban Architecture And Vibe

My favorite thing to do in Cuba was to check out the buildings and colonial architecture. Every structure you see in Havana was built in the 1950’s or earlier.


The convertibles, the classic Fords, and Chevrolets are amazing to see and a fun thing to do in Cuba is to rent one out for a few hours, or a whole day, to ride.

Terrain Map

Cuban Art

From private studios, to street murals, to ceramic galleries, to the Cuban version of Spain’s Gaudi, Cuba offers it all.

White Bag

There are also plenty of restaurants that offer American style fare, including steaks, fish, and chicken dishes…all with a side of rice and beans of course.

Cuban Cuisine


Varadero beach is probably the most well-known beach to visit for tourists and a fan favorite thing to do in Cuba to get away from the city.

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