Your Financial Checklist: Financial Moves To Make During A Job Transition

There are a few things you can check off your financial to-do list in the meantime to make sure your job transition doesn’t wreak havoc on your financial life.

1. Build An      Emergency Fund

Doing so can give you a better idea of your financial situation and if you have enough savings to cover an emergency

2. Use Vacation       And Sick Days

So if you’ve accumulated any vacation or sick days, check with your HR department to see if you can cash them in.

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3. Take An Honest Look At Your Finances

You’ve heard the adage that nothing is free, so take a deep dive into what you’re spending your money

4. Look For Easy Spending Cuts

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Take a look at your credit and debit card charges and pick off the easy things that you don’t need to be spending money on.

5. Fend Off  Lifestyle Creep

If you’re still getting a coffee every morning even if you’re not going to work, you may have fallen victim to lifestyle creep.

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