Women in STEM: 5 Challenges to overcome & Achieve Success

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Women in STEM refers to women in these fields. This phrase comes up to represent women in traditionally male-dominated roles. 

What Are Some Of These Challenges?

Feeling intimidated & lack of confidence or imposter syndrome; lack of transparency with our colleagues & lower salary.

1 – Confidence & Intimidation

Overcoming this:

Take time each day to remind yourself of what you do know, acknowledge things you did right, and above all, be kind to yourself as you figure things out.

Terrain Map

2 – Lack Of Transparency

Overcoming this:

Ask questions to as many people as you can. Understand as well what your industry standards are.

3 – Fighting Societal Assumptions Over Gender Roles

White Bag

Overcoming this:

If you’re a woman who has faced this, don’t let the assumptions stop you from forging onwards.

4 – Finding Mentorship

Overcoming this:

The best thing I can say is if you feel there’s no one, ask anyway until you find someone. Also, a mentor doesn’t have to be in the same industry or job as you.

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