Which of These 4 Types of Learners are You?

It may not be about being smarter—it could just mean that they process and learn information differently.

The VARK Model

The VARK model is an acronym for visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic types of learning styles.


Visual learners connect well with patterns, shapes, graphs, maps, and charts. Creating a visual image of what you are trying to learn is a way of retaining this information.

Terrain Map


These learners retain details through auditory modes, including listening to live or recorded lectures, participating in group discussions, and hearing information via radio, audiobooks, and podcasts.

White Bag

Textbooks, manuals, handouts, lists, PowerPoint presentations, and taking notes are the preferred ways for read-and-write learners.

Reading & Writing


Kinesthetic learners grasp information by performing the task about which they’re learning. Movement and muscle memory are also key for kinesthetic learners.

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