What You Need to Know About Investing in US Savings Bonds 

US savings bonds combine the stability of a fixed-income investment with the confidence of investing in one of the most financially stable governments in the world.

Investing in US Savings Bonds

When you purchase a bond, you issue a loan to the US federal government, on which it then pays you interest over time.

Advantages of Savings Bonds

Their backing from the US Treasury leaves a near-zero chance that investors will not earn their expected returns. Therefore, investors can protect their money without incurring the opportunity cost of a no-risk portfolio.

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Different Types of Savings Bonds

- Series EE Series I  Click to see more about each one and how they affect your portfolio

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For online transactions try Treasury Direct. You'll have access to both types of savings bonds.

How to Buy Savings Bonds

Investing in Savings Bonds is another way to diversify your portfolio and reduce some risk. See if it's right for you!

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