What is a Home Warranty & Do You Need One?

If you're purchasing a home, on the market, or considering it, a home warranty will be mentioned. But what is it, do you need it, and how does it help you? 

What is a Home Warranty?

It's an insurance policy to cover items that are break or malfunction. The company helps you fix it, pays for any damage, or replaces the item altogether.

Items covered under a home warranty:

appliances water heater furnace washer/dryer electrical systems

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Cost of a home warranty

Generally hundreds of dollars, with payment required upfront. Cost depends on: - The company  - Location & type of home  - Age of the property - Need for coverage of additional dwellings

What to consider when reviewing plans:

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-What does it cover?  - How much are premiums? - What are the policy exceptions? - What are the service call fees?  - Which local contractors do they  work with?

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