Want Confidence? Pretend to Be a Mediocre White Man

Some People have all the confidence and you wonder where they got it from. Mediocre white men especially seem to get it all with minimal effort.

Most women are overqualified for their jobs and struggle with feeling good enough.  Here we learn to channel your inner mediocre white man so that you too can have it all.

Men spend their time networking and building relationships. Or they are doing the bare minimum required & will let everyone know that they’ve met their minimums.

Perfection Not Required

Most mediocre white men have no skills, but they still are confident. Read more about this phenomenon by clicking the link!

Confidence is Independent of Skill

Your own self validation is all you need. Stick with it and show the world, and your job what you're made of. 

Always Believe in Yourself

Forget What People Think

Your mediocre white colleague does whatever he likes, says what he wants in meetings (or doesn’t), takes the vacation he wants, and is generally unconcerned about the consequences.

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