Virtual Job Fair: Read This Before You Attend One

Virtual job fair allows you to meet recruiters, share your resume with employers, network, & improve your communication skills—without  leaving your house.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Fair

Register for the job fair Research which companies will be in attendance Clarify your goals Strategize and prioritize Prepare some questions to ask Update and review your resume Practice your pitch

How are virtual job fairs different?

Attending a virtual job fair is more convenient. You can log in between classes while your children are napping or even during your lunch break at work.It is also more discreet, which is beneficial if you don’t want to tip off your manager or co-workers that you are looking for another job.

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Reasons to attend virtual job fairs

– Exploring new career paths –Learning about different companies, their work cultures & environment –Meeting employers directly, building relationships and growing your network

How to approach a virtual job fair

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- Arrive early -Look professional -Introduce yourself where you can -Pitch yourself often! -Network, network, network

After the job fair is over

-Send follow up notes to whomever you met -Reflect on what you learned Apply for jobs where you can!

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