Using A Growth Mindset To Grow Your Money

We'll explain how these two concepts are related by first defining a growth mentality, outlining its importance in personal finance, and offering some advice on leveraging its money-making potential.

What Is the Difference Between Growth and Fixed Mindsets?

Fixed Mindset

With a fixed mindset, you believe your talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, and character are fixed.

Growth Mindset

You believe everything from your intelligence and capabilities to your overall lot in life is subject to change. With time and effort, anything’s possible.

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5 Ways to Use the Growth Mindset to Grow Your Money

1. Action over Avoidance

Conduct an audit of your current finances and consider what you could be doing differently.

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2. Celebrate the Struggle

Building wealth doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be committed, resilient, and patient while working toward the goal!

3. Continue Learning

A growth mindset goes hand in hand with the willingness to learn.

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