Top 10 High Income Skills To  Consider Learning

If you’re like most people, your income determines your lifestyle. Luckily, you have direct control over your income by the skills you spend time developing. 

1. Web Development

Median Salary: $73,760 (source) As the internet’s role in our lives continually expands, so does the demand for web developers. Fittingly, this is a great skill to learn online.

2. Digital Marketing

Median Salary: $135,900 (source) As a digital marketer. There are many aspects of digital marketing, including content creation, paid media campaigns, and lead generation.

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3. Copywriting

Median Salary: $63,200 (source) Copywriters produce the text designed to make readers convert via online advertisements.

4. Software Development

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Median Salary: $107,510 (source) Software developers design. As software and the internet become increasingly intertwined, so too does software development and web development.

5. Sales

Median Salary: Varies drastically depending on what you’re selling (source) Your success as a sales agent depends greatly on your ability to persuade potential buyers.

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