Top 26 Self Made Female Billionaires in the World

There is a growing list of billionaires around the world. Many inherited their wealth, yet some are self-made. These self-made women are some of the richest. Here's how:

Kim Kardashian

Many argue that she isn't self-made given her head start in life. She has however sustained her growth and popularity, leveraging it build multiple million dollar businesses.

Whitney Wolfe Herd

As the leader of popular dating app Bumble, she was at the helm when the company had its IPO!

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From music star to Savage business woman, Rihanna's line of lingerie and unique makeup has set her up for life.

Oprah Winfrey

White Bag

As the first black female billionaire, Ms. Winfrey is the queen of this list in the US.

Meg Whitman

As the former CEO of eBay, Ms. Whitman is another OG, profiting off of tech, and leveraging her expertise to continue growing within the industry.

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