Top 10  High Income  Skills To Consider Learning

In this article, I’ll look at high income skills that can help you expand your opportunities and reach much greater heights.

1. Web Development

Median Salary: $73,760 (source) As the internet’s role in our lives continually expands, so does the demand for web developers.

2. Digital Marketing

Median Salary: $135,900 (source) As a digital marketer, you’ll have the tools necessary for helping companies grow on burgeoning platforms such as Facebook.

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3. Copywriting

Median Salary: $63,200 (source) Copywriters produce the text designed to make readers convert via online advertisements. This is an art form requiring sufficient persuasive skills.

4. Software Development

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Median Salary: $107,510 (source) Software developers design, install and maintain programs used by consumers and business professionals.

5. Sales

Median Salary: Varies drastically depending on what you’re selling (source) Your success as a sales agent depends greatly on your ability to persuade potential buyers.

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