Top 10 Cities Where Professionals are Relocating

To determine the cities experiencing the most growth from both remote and in-person workers, Angi examined LinkedIn’s June 2022 Workforce Report. L

Net migration rate: 33.05 Most people who moved to Phoenix in June 2021 came from Los Angeles, Chicago, and Tucson.

#10 : Phoenix

#9: Orlando, Florida

Net migration rate: 35.2 Unsurprisingly, theme parks and resorts dominate Orlando’s job market. Disney Resort employs 70,000 people, while an additional 24,000 work at Universal Orlando Resort.

Net migration rate: 42.92  Major industries in Denver include energy, aerospace, information technology, broadcasting, and telecommunications. 

#8: Denver, Colorado

Net migration rate: 44.77 Aviation and aerospace jobs abound in the area, as American Airlines headquarters & Lockheed Martin’s plant employ thousands of residents.

#7 Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas

Net migration rate: 51.74 Major tech companies like Apple, Amazon, and Meta have been focusing on the Raleigh and Durham areas, joining an already-burgeoning tech scene there. 

#6 Raleigh Durham, Chapel-Hill, NC

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