Travel Smart with these 10 Tips

A lot has changed in the last couple of years. As we get back into travel, here are some tips to travel smart and be prepared for matter where you go!

First Things First – Research!

- Learn about your destination - Understand the Do's and Don'ts - Know which resources will be available to you.

Medication & First Aid

Make a travel kit with all the essentials and take it everywhere you go! Click to learn what is recommended!

Terrain Map

Covid precautions

This is the new norm! Know how to protect yourself and understand the rules for travel during this time.


White Bag

Know how to keep in touch with people while you travel, as the same conveniences may not exist abroad!


Know how to get access to cash at your destination. While credit cards are everywhere, sometimes cash is the only thing accepted!

Other Items

RFID Travel Wallet, & adapter 

Join the STEP program

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