How To Score The Best Travel Souvenirs

Shopping for souvenirs while traveling is one of the most fun experiences to be had. Here's how to haggle and get the best deals for local products!

1 - Ask the Locals!

Ask for the best places to go shopping, best prices for the souvenirs you're interested in, and see if they'll help you!

2 – Watch Your Actions

Act nonchalant Be prepared to walk away quickly and act like you don't care Don't act too interested! This all helps you drive down the prices!

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3 – Where to Start with Your Price Bargaining

Start at 50% or lower of what they ask you! You can also calculate what you would pay and start lower than that and bargain your way up. Click for details!

4 – Bundle Souvenir Purchases

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If a shop owner refuses to change his price, then try to get him to sell you more items at that price point! You get more and spend the same!

5 - Do your Due Diligence

Always inspect the souvenir for defects or issues. It can help you bargain, or help you get a better product.

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