Tips to Get Started With a Keto Diet

Going keto is not an easy diet to maintain, nor should it be taken lightly. These tips on starting a keto diet can help you get going, but as always, consult with a doctor for your specific health!

What is the Keto Diet?

The standard keto diet dictates that the fat consumed makes up 70 to 80% of your daily intake, and protein is a much smaller amount.

There are other variations of the keto diet as well explained below: – Targeted   – Cyclical   – High-Protein:

Variations of the Keto Diet

To achieve success on this diet, it’s key to understand and consume foods that are considered healthy fats.

What to Eat When You're Starting Out

There are two tools that many keto dieters use to help them keep track of the macros they consume. 1. A scale to weigh food portions  2. Macros tracking app

Keeping Track of What You Eat

Easiest Ways to Get Started

- Clean Out Your Fridge and Pantry  - Create a Weekly Meal Plan  - Try Intermittent Fasting

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