Tips on Shopping for an Engagement Ring

 Determining the best style to purchase for your partner. Look at buying your engagement ring as part of the process of planning a stress-free wedding.

There are four main things to consider when choosing an engagement ring

Carat Clarity Cut Color


This is the apparent size of a diamond and is  one of the contributing factors of a diamond’s cost.  A carat is 200 milligrams. Each carat gets broken down into 100 points.  The average diamond in an engagement ring is around one full carat, for around $6,000 in cost.

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This is a gemstone’s overall quality.  A flawless diamond is free from visible inclusions, but most do have imperfections that are microscopic. Saving experts say clarity is the least important factor when choosing a diamond because of this fact.


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Color refers to the actual visual tone of the stone and is graded on a scale of D (colorless) through Z (light color.) The more clear a diamond is, the more valuable it will be.

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