Tips for The Best Thailand Travel Plans

Thailand is an excellent vacation destination with plenty to do, see and experience. If you're making Thailand travel plans, add these to your list!

Floating Markets in Bangkok

We've all been to farmer's markets, now add a canoe and some water and you'll get a signature Thailand Travel itinerary add-on!

This iconic palace was home to the king for over 150 years. See the opulence, architecture and learn some history!

Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok

See these magnificent creatures up close and hang out! They've been rescued from abusive owners and are now free and having fun!

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Thailand travel plans are never complete without a visit to their world-famous beaches. Koh samui is a personal favorite!

Koh Samui

Thailand Travel Tips:

-Use official taxis and use the meter! -Try all the food -Get a Thai massage -Shop for souvenirs in Chiang Mai

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