Tips for Making Career Moves During Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic stalled everything in 2020. The pandemic has shaken many retailers and industries in general. Millions of people have already lost jobs and filed for unemployment insurance.

People who still have jobs may be in limbo; many are getting pay cuts and being furloughed and don’t know if they should stay or start looking into making changes. The decision is indeed a tough one.

1. Be open to all options

Find out what kind of job opportunities are available. Some jobs may be completely new to you and may seem out of reach.

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2. Do enough research

Some companies are hiring employees. Before sending your resume to those companies, do a quick research on them.

3. Discuss with people you trust

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Perhaps, your friends can give you insight or give you another perspective on various things to consider during a job hunt, which you have not thought of before.

4. Grow your network online

Get in touch with your old colleagues and ask them to let you know about new job opportunities. Spread the word that you are ready to make a career change.

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