The Ultimate Mexico Travel Guide: 16 Tips for a Fabulous Trip

Every corner of Mexico has so much to see and do. This ultimate Mexico travel guide can help you plan a truly incredible trip!

1 - Know the Length of your trip

The amount of time you have can directly affect what you're able to do and can help you plan accordingly.

2 - Check Travel Advisories

Certain parts of the country may hbe ill-advised to visit, especially during certain times of year, or if there's local events happening!

Terrain Map

3 - Check public transportation

Uber doesn't work everywhere, some cab companies will rip you off, and buses are an excellent option - be sure to look into them!

White Bag

M is for Mujeres which means women in Spanish! Brush up on some common words and phrases so you're aware and prepared.

4 - Bathrooms marked with M are for women!

5 - Stick to Bottled Water

We're very lucky to trust tap water here, but that's not the case abroad. Be careful what you drink.

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