Things To Do In Japan For A One Week Trip

Japan is a beautiful country with plenty to do! Add it to your bucket list and experience one of the greatest countries in the world

Start in Tokyo, The Capital

Things to Do in Tokyo

Take the public transportation - cleanest experience ever Shinjuku Crossing- on of the busiest in the world Asakusa Temple The Fish Market - then eat the fresh fish!

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Shinkansen: Take the Bullet Train!

This is a world wonder and definitely worth experiencing. Take the train to Kyoto and get a peek at Mt. Fuji along the way!

Things to do in Kyoto

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Kyoto is much smaller and gives you a local feel. It's a prime spot for seeing all the amazing temples that Japan has to offer.

Check Out the Geishas

You don't have to go far. Walk around Kyoto and you'll see them walking too in their unique Kimonos.

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