Things to Consider Before Buying a House

Buying a house is a huge life-changing decision. It’s not just the cost, but the commitment you’re making to yourself and your location. 

Why I Bought a House By Myself

Financial reasons

– I intend to stay in my current city for the foreseeable future. – Renting a 2bd 2ba apartment costs more than a mortgage here.


With a new home, I wanted the physical space to accommodate my family when they come to basically live with me for the short term.

Terrain Map


I felt that buying a house, and having something ground me to this city, would lend itself to that sense of security and “home”.

Things to Do and Consider Before Buying a House

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Make a List

The first step is to know what you want and take your time figuring this out.

Dig down deep for your patience

Be prepared to not find what you want, or having to choose to let go of things you were really hoping for, either because it’s not affordable, or just not available.

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