The Pink Tax Explained: How Women Overpay For Everything

 In addition to the gender pay gap & discriminations, female products are priced higher than the same product for males.  This extra cost is commonly referred to as the pink tax.

 Personal care products &  clothing have the same production costs for men or women. However, female products tend to cost more.  This extra cost is called the “pink tax”.

What is the Pink Tax?

The Pink Tax in Numbers

The pink tax costs women $1,351/year on average.  On average women, pay 7% more for goods and services than men.

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How do we avoid paying the Pink Tax??

An easy solution would be to buy more gender-neutral products or even those marketed towards men

The Pink Tax

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We are surrounded by this since childhood. However, we can make a change by consciously looking for brands that are fighting this, and by spending our money wisely.

You can join the anti-pink tax movement on social media by looking for hashtags #axthepinktax #pinktax

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