The Keto Diet For Beginners: Best Practices To Get You Started

Follow this beginner’s guide to learn more about how the keto diet works, what food to eat on the plan and what to expect when you first begin the keto diet. 

What Is The  Keto Diet?

This process of using stored fat and ketones as the primary fuel source rather than glucose (sugar) from carbs is known as the metabolic state of ketosis.

Keto Diet Variation

- Targeted keto  - Cyclical keto  - High-Protein keto

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What Do Beginners Eat On The Keto Diet?

To achieve success on this diet, it’s key to understand and consume foods that are considered healthy fats.

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There are two tools that many keto dieters use  1. A scale to weigh food portion 2. Macros tracking app

How Do You Keep Track Of What  You Eat?

What Is The Easiest Way For Beginners To Start The Keto Diet?

- Clean Out Your Fridge  And Pantry

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