The Concept Of Value Investing

This story covers an investment strategy called value investing. See what it’s all about and if it’s something you’d do!

Value Investing: A Simple Idea

The idea behind the value investing concept is simple. You want to pay less than what something is worth.

Main Ideas Behind Value Investing

1 – Stocks are not lottery tickets

It represents an ownership interest in the underlying business.

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2 – Focus on intrinsic value

Investors should focus on valuing companies. Being able to value a company correctly is a strategic part of being a successful value investor.

3 – The markets need to be inefficient

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The stock market is inefficient, and to be a successful value investor, the market needs to be this way.

4 – Approach it strategically

To be successful at picking stocks, you need to take it seriously. Investing is not a hobby you put one or two hours a week into.

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