The Best Places Abroad to be a Digital Nomad

Working remotely is a flexible lifestyle option for professionals nowadays. You can even live abroad! Here are the best places to be a digital nomad to consider!

Benefits of Remote Work

No commute  The ability to live anywhere  Flexibility  More time with family and friends  Avoid extremes of weather  Cultural Immersion 

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Digital Nomad

Availability of Wifi Connection Safety of the area you live in Cost of Living Walkability/public transportation options as you won't have a car! Visas Expat population

Terrain Map

Best Places to be a Digital Nomad: Europe

Lisbon, Portugal Edinburgh, Scotland Barcelona, Spain

Best Places to be a Digital Nomad: Americas

White Bag

Medellin, Columbia Playa del carmen, Mexico Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Places to be a Digital Nomad: Asia

Seoul, South Korea Vietnam/Thailand/Cambodia Bangalore, India

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