The Best Packing List for International Travel

Going abroad and then realizing you've forgotten to pack something can be super frustrating. This packing list has all the reminders for must-haves that you need!

These are things you should always take with you on your travels: Passport/ID/paperwork (in your handy travel wallet) Universal adapter Information of local US embassy Plus important phone numbers and more!

Your Packing List For All the Must-Haves

What to Pack Overall?

Take only a carry on and backpack.  The first packing list to go through is that of: Clothes Shoes Toiletries So, the basics of what you'll need. Click to see a specific list!

First Aid Kit

 Wherever you go, you should always take a basic first aid kit with you.  The packing list for that should include: Bandaids Sleep aids Antibiotics (pills and cream) Anti-histamines Pain Meds this can save you a ton of money at your destination!

Terrain Map

Always Pack a Collapsible Duffel

These are a great way to "pack extra space". Open them up on the way home to hold all the extras you purchased! Click to see specifics!

What to Pack in Your Backpack:

Your valuables Important papers Your Travel Wallet Snacks Things to do on the plane!

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