The Best 45+ Experience Gifts to Give and Receive

Experiences always last longer than material things. These experience gifts are a great way to show someone you care and give a long-lasting gift!

Adventure Experiences

1. Purchase a national parks  pass 2. Scuba diving lessons 3. Sky Diving and more! Click for the rest of this list!

Foodie & Drink Experience Gifts

2. Food tour 3. Winery tours/tastings 4. Brewery tours and tasting 5. Cooking classes Plenty more to experience, check out the rest of the list!

Terrain Map

Arts & Crafts Experience Gifts

1. Classes/lessons for painting, pottery, DIY, sewing, crocheting, knitting 4. Photography class, and learning how to develop film

Fitness Experience Gifts

White Bag

1. Gym/soul cycle membership 2. Class pass subscription 3. Dance classe 4. The Mirror – an at home gym within a mirror

Why Experience Gifts

Experiences teach us things and help us make memories that last much longer than the gift itself. Use these ideas to try something new & give yourself stories to talk about later.

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