The Benefits of Career Counseling

Career counseling can help you overcome these challenges by finding a job that aligns with your interests, values, career goals, and financial needs.

What Is Career Counseling?

Career counseling is a support service that helps people navigate their careers.

How Can Career Counseling Help Me?

– Guidance, advice, and support – Career information resources – Job hunt tactics and techniques – Resume writing and cover letter development – Job interview preparation

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What Happens In A Career Counseling Session?

1. Self Assessment You should be prepared to talk about yourself and reflect openly and honestly.

2. Career Exploration

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They can provide labor-market and occupational information, such as if and where the job is in demand, what companies you should apply to, and salary expectations.

3. Applying For Jobs

An experienced career counselor knows how the recruitment process works and will suggest strategies to help you avoid being stuck in the seemingly never-ending loop of applying.

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