The 5 Best Things to Do in Cuba 

Traveling to Cuba is still possible, with maybe a few more travel restrictions nowadays, but still completely doable, and safe. Read on for highlights from my trip and all the things to do in Cuba!

Cuban Architecture & Vibe

Check out the amazing retro buildings and cars. Plus the European-esq vibe of the city streets!

Transportation: Ride in a 1950's US Car!

Choose to ride in a convertible top down, or a regular car, it's definitely a unique experience and one of the best things to do in Cuba!

Terrain Map

Cuban Art, Cigars, Food and Drink!

When in Cuba, you must do as they do, & smoke as they smoke.  So, grab a Cuban and some whiskey and prepare for one of my favorite things to do in Cuba!

White Bag

Varadaro Beach:  A beautiful reprieve from Havana and excellent option for a day trip! Hire a local driver and learn more about the island!

Do all Things Ernest Hemingway:  check out his home, this favorite bar and drink!

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