Take Up Space. A lesson on Empowerment From Miss Universe

Winners are not chosen based on looks alone; their responses to complex questions and talents also help place them. 

Take Up Physical Space

Don’t be in the corner away from the action.  Stay in the center of it, be present.  Don’t shy away from controversy or conflict. Take part in it.

Take Up Verbal Space

As a woman, your experiences and background actually give you a unique perspective and so your input may have a greater impact. So speak up!

Terrain Map

Take Up Intellectual Space

If you speak to what you know and speak it confidently, you’ll cement your place as someone to be reckoned with.

White Bag

It’s seeing something that needs to be done and doing it, without the fear or hesitation that may come with being a woman.

Cement Yourself

Cement that you want to do it, take up space with your ideas, be physically present, and make the effort to change people’s minds. Change the scenario, change the rhetoric.

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