Staycation Ideas For 2022

Sometimes the best laid plans fall apart. But that doesn't mean your can't still enjoy your time off.  These staycation ideas ensure that you'll still enjoy, make memories and cross something off your bucket list!

Start at home: 

- Movie nights/marathons - Game nights - Backyard camping - Local Spay Days The possibilities are endless! Click for more ideas!

Push Your Comfort Zone

- Learn something new with classes - Pick up that new hobby you've been thinking about - Hone a new skill - Try new recipes What have you been wanting to do, but can't find the time for? This is a great time to start!

Get Productive

- Those annoying tasks that you're always putting off?  Now is a great time to get to them! Click to see what I mean!

Next up, some staycation ideas in your hometown!

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Play tourist in your home!

- Take a tour - Visit your local parks - Catch a show - try the new restaurants See what's new around you and take this opportunity to try it!

Consider  activities stateside that you maybe haven't done before!

See more for ideas on how to make the most of your staycation

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