Spice Up Your Meeting With These 9 Free Zoom Backgrounds 

With so much of our time spent on virtual meetings, especially via Zoom, it's important to keep things interesting and people engaged. These free zoom backgrounds can help people stay interested and spark conversation.

Advantages of using Zoom Backgrounds

Keep your actual background hidden – Hide the mess behind you! – Keep your location private. A free Zoom background can help keep you looking professional.

How to Change Your Zoom Background

Use a bright blue or green screen – Open up a Zoom meeting – Click on the arrow next to the start/stop button. – Select “Choose Virtual Background.” – Choose a new virtual background from your files.

Terrain Map

Types of Free Zoom Backgrounds available

New York City Grand Canyon Golf Courses Disney world Haiti Great Barrier Reef...and more!

Zoom Tips

White Bag

Choose a quiet space without much traffic  Choose a room with good lighting

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