Self-Control:  12 Steps to Making it a Habit

This guest story is all about how to develop self-discipline and use it effectively. You can’t be “on” all the time, and you don’t need to be in order to be productive and get things done

Developing self discipline isn’t easy. Here's a perfect example:

I’m going to start the keto diet tomorrow because I want to lose 20 lbs for my wedding. I'm attempting to eat more healthily.”

1 – Set Small and Realistic Goals

The trick is to set small and realistic goals to not set yourself up for failure.

Terrain Map

2 – Stop Trying to Do So Many Things at Once

To develop self-discipline, you need to ruthlessly eliminate it from your life and figure out what you need to focus on.

White Bag

– Don’t keep a bag of chips on the table when you’re trying to lose weight. – Hang around with people who are working on similar goals.

3. Change Your Environment 

4 – Make It Easy to Stay on Track

– Know yourself. – Work within your limits. – Focus on progress over perfection.

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