Self care ideas for any budget

Self care is essential to our well being and mental health.  But it doesn't have to be out of reach! Self care can be costly, however there are many ways you can manage it on a budget.  Read on to see how!

Spa day at home

Do your hair, your nails, put on a face mask and relax!  Take it a step further by drawing up a nice bath and pampering yourself to the max! Click to see how much you can save!

Girl time

Every woman and professional needs her girlfriends.  There's nothing better than venting and hanging out with your closest people.  Plan a day or a weekend for the ultimate self care session!

Get Physical

Excerise-->endorphins-->less stress -->more happy Its a no brainer

Escape reality

Books, movies, music, meditation - the options are endless! Click to see more ideas to check out!


Small trips, overnight getaways, anything is possible on a budget if you just know where to look!

Learn to say NO (to others) & YES (to yourself) Click for more ultimate self care ideas!