Self Care Hack: Say NO in 2023

This guest story is all about learning how to say no, because, as you may guess, we all too often say yes. I’ll clarify that saying yes isn’t a bad thing, until it becomes detrimental. 

Why We Can’t Say No

We want to show everyone that we can work hard and be open to opportunities. As a result, we often feel the need to say yes to most opportunities that come our way.

Learning How To Say No

We are not clear in our communication, and so the person we are trying to say no to doesn’t understand or thinks that they need to keep pursuing us.

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It’s important to remember that “No” is a complete sentence. If that sounds harsh, then try a “no, thanks”. You don’t need to explain your decision, and you don’t need to make excuses.

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How To Stand Your Ground

First and foremost, saying no becomes easier when you know what your priorities are.

Why It’s Important To Say No

1 – It Frees Up Your Time 2 – It’s A Form Of Self Care 3 – It Helps You Focus And Set Boundaries 4 – It Fuels Your Empowerment

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