Frugal Living Tips To Save Money

These tips can help you stay frugal during inflation, stretch your dollar further and save more. See how!

First Breakdown your expenses:

What are your fixed vs variable expenses What are your recreational expenses What is the cost of your investments each month? What about your debts?

Always Pay Your Bills First

-Pay fixed bills first - debts, credit cards etc. – Invest consistently – Save into your emergency fund (at least 6 months worth)

Develop a Frugal Living Mindset

Don't buy things unless you need them Don't get sucked into lifestyle inflation!

Frugal Tip To Stretch Your Dollar

Look for deals Buy in Bulk Don't sign up for subscriptions Invest in quality Try DIY

Everyday Things To Help Fight Inflation Spending

Watch your utilities- use more in off peak Discount grocery stores Watch for cheap gas!