Reasons Your Doctor Has a Side Hustle

Whatever the side hustle, there are a handful of reasons your doctor may very well have more than one job.

Your doctor may be working a side job simply to avoid treating their school debt like a mortgage and help themselves pay off their student loans.

#1: Doctors are Deep in Debt

#2 Personal Fulfillment

The doctor job pays the bills and then some, and can also provide the seed money for any number of unrelated pursuits.

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#3 A Goal-Driven Nature

Starting something completely novel — often from scratch — can give your physician a whole new set of goals to set and pinnacles to reach.

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#4 Another Retirement Account

A side hustle can allow an employed physician to open another type of retirement account, such as a solo 401(k) or SEP IRA, with earnings from the extra income.

Later in their careers, some doctors may decide to scratch the itch to try their hand at another profession entirely. If it works out, great!

#5 A Transition to an Encore Career

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