Read This Before Starting A Keto Diet

Keto diets are defined by high fat and low carbs. While they may appear to be a fad, they do have some long term benefits for many trying to get healthy. Here's how to start!

What Kind of Food Can You Eat?

High fat refers to healthy fats like you would get from nuts, beans, or avocado. Low carbs and  high protein foods are also key.  Click for the specific breakdown!

Getting Started with Keto Diets

First - remove everything that won't qualify as keto. Create meal plans to guide your food decisions and stay on track. Try intermittent fasting to help keep your body in ketosis.

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Keto Diet Challenges

1. Keto flu - this is your body adapting to the new diet! 2. Pre-existing health problems may prevent you from doing this. 3. No cheat days allowed!

Variations to the Keto Diet

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1. Targeted Keto - When you are allowed carbs around targeted exercise times. 2. Cyclical Keto - Keto for 5-6 days, then high carbs for 1-2 High Protein Keto

Final thoughts

Keto is a great option for wanting to lose weight and change your diet. However, it's not for everyone. Don't forget to consult your doctor if you have questions!

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