Protect Your Intellectual Property. Start With A Provisional Patent

If you're an entrepreneur, or just have a great idea, it's important to protect it and yourself. There's patent filing and then there's provisional patents.

Provisional patents are essentially place holders for your idea. You file one and its "saves the date" of when you had the idea!

What are Provisional Patents?

How Do You File a Provisional Patent?

You can do this online at the USPTO website, or hire a lawyer!

You don't need many details. Just jot down what the idea is and how it work. You want a higher level description. Be sure to emphasize the part that you really want to protect!

What's Required to File?

Just for a year! In that year, you have to work your idea, hammer out details & file a real patent. If you don't file anything within the year, the provisional goes away too.

How Long Do Provisional Patents Protect You?

If you do it on your own, a few hundred dollars. With a lawyer, you'll also pay legal fees.

How Much Does it Cost to File?

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