Pros & Cons of Series I Savings Bonds

The increase in series I savings bond sales is primarily due to one factor, an interest rate of nearly 10%, with minimal risk.

What are Series I Savings Bonds?

Series I savings bonds are a specific kind of U.S. savings bond created to shield your money’s value against inflation.

What are Series I Savings Bonds?

I-Bonds are currently at a 6.89% interest rate and will remain that way through April 2023.

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Pros of Series I Savings Bonds

1 - Inflation protection 2 - low risk 3 - exempt from state and local tax Click for more details!

White Bag

1 - Early withdrawal penalty 2 - Unpredictable interest rates 3 - Annual investment cap 4 - Limited purchase options Click to see more!

Cons of Series I Savings Bonds

Should You Purchase Series I?

There could be a benefit to putting a small amount of your net worth in I-Bonds. Investing in I-Bonds will allow you to hedge a part of your portfolio against inflation risk. But make the best decision for you!

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